Panax Ginseng Farm

Radix  Et  Rhizoma  GinsengPanax ginseng C. A. Mey.



In China, ginseng has always been regarded as the king of herbs. In the west, Ginseng is called Panax C.A. Meyer Ginseng. "Panax" comes from Greek and means "a cure for all ills".

Panax is one of the famous "Three Treasures Of The Northeast" in China (Ginseng, Mink, Pilose), it is one kind of world-famous rare medicinal herbs.

 Ginseng Root Farm


Invigorate renal qi, strengthen qi of the spleen and lung, promote production of the body fluids to quench thirst, and clam the mind to promote intelligence.


Quality standard

Boherbs’ ginseng could totally meet to EU Standard.

Also supply ginseng organic certified(EU & NOP).


Processing Method

Raw suncured ginseng: dig out together with fibrous roots, remove the soil and dry it.

Red ginseng: take ginseng to cut off branch root and fibrous root, wash clean, steam for 2 to 3 hours, until ginseng root is yellow, the skin is translucent shape is appropriate, take out dry. The main products are red ginseng, edge parameters and so on.


Red Gingseng Root


White Ginseng: whole root, slice, TBC, powder

Red Ginseng: Whole root, slice, TBC, powder

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